Welcome to Wrangell

Outdoor adventure and activities await you in Wrangell. Either on land or on the water. The protected waters in Southeast Alaska near Wrangell are filled with Islands and bays and harbors rich with wildlife just waiting to be explored. The waterways provide excellent sea kayaking and opportunity for exploration by wildlife charter tours. Fishing is spectacular. Halibut and all 5 species of salmon are key targets by visiting fishermen. Nearby lakes and streams provide excellent opportunities for both spin cast and fly-fishing. Wrangell also has the only regulation USGA approved golf course in Southeast Alaska. Muskeg Meadows has tournaments almost every weekend.

Trails in town can provide short excursions into the temperate rainforest. Trails range from easy to most difficult, day hikes to overnight. Walking tours are available if you want to find out more about the flora and fauna of the rainforest. In other parts of the island, the US Forest Service maintains trails and boardwalks to scenic overlooks, beach areas or lakes.

There is a waterfront bike and walking trail beginning at City Park, about 1 mile from the ferry terminal. It extends for about 4.5 miles south of town past Shoemaker Bay Recreation Area. Bikes are available to rent for in town and for exploring the forest roads in the Tongass National Forest.

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