Welcome to Whitehorse

The year was 1898 and Gold Fever was in the air. Stampeders from across North America were flocking to the Klondike Gold Fields in great numbers. The trek to the Klondike, which began in Skagway, Alaska, and over the Chilkoot Pass, was punctuated by numerous hazards, none more feared than the infamous Miles Canyon Rapids. As fortune seekers gathered at the head of the rapids, an assortment of temporary structures was built, and the first town site of our city was created. These early settlers noted that the rapids looked like the manes of charging white horses. The town became known as “White Horse” until 1957 when the Geographic Board of Canada adopted its current spelling of “Whitehorse”.

Today Whitehorse is a modern, thriving city of over 22,000 people, which has not forgotten its gold rush past. Whitehorse is a spectacular 2-hour drive from Skagway. Visitors can expect a full service community with pristine wilderness in its backyard. Located along the Yukon River and surrounded by rolling hills, there is plenty of outdoor activity for guests of all ages. For the less adventurous, Whitehorse offers a multitude of trendy cafés, impressive art galleries and interesting museums. During the dry summer months, the summer comes to life with art and music. Whitehorse is proud of its deep First Nation roots, and a trip to the city would not be complete without exploring its First Nation ancestry.

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