Anytime you come, you’ll want to enjoy being outside. Plan to dress in layers and remember to bring comfortable, weather resistant walking shoes.

Spring, Summer, Fall: A light shirt, short or long sleeved, makes an excellent first layer. Your second layer should consist of something for warmth like a sweater or fleece pullover. The ideal outer layer is a light waterproof jacket. Layers should be lightweight and easy to remove depending on weather changes or your activity. Don’t forget shorts or sleeveless shirts for those warmer days!

Winter: Use a heavier jacket as your outer layer. Be sure to bring a hat, scarf and pair of gloves.

Daylight Hours

The longest day, Summer Solstice, is 19 hours; the shortest day is only 6 hours.

Average Daylight Hours



Warmed by ocean currents, the Inside Passage enjoys mild summers, with high temperatures in July averaging in the mid-60’s. Sunny days often push temperatures into the 70’s and 80’s. Spring and fall both provide comfortable traveling weather as the temperature remains mild. Springtime rainfall levels, on the average, are lower than any other time of the year. Winter brings mixed snow, rain and sunshine, with a January average temperature of 29.

Average Daily High

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