Some very Special Places on earth seem to be forged for the curious and adventurous souls who demand diversity and grandeur in their travels. For the seekers of treasures natural, cultural, and historical, Sitka is that treasure island.

With views of island-studded waters and stately spruce forests reaching to the water’s edge, Sitka is considered Alaska’s most beautiful seaside town. Yet Sitka’s hallmark is its tenure and devotion to a culturally diverse past. In a young state whose history is filled with tales of boom towns and ghost towns, Sitka has the distinctive character of a place that has been settled for thousands of years.

Ancestral home of the Tlingit Indians, captured by the Russians, sold to the Americans – Sitka carries the legacy of each. While this fascinating heritage is well documented in local museums, Sitka’s ancestry isn’t found only in shelved archives and artifacts. Rather it is all around.

Sitka is home to nineteen attractions listed on the National Register of Historic Places, seven of which are National Historic Landmarks. Visitors won’t find a lack of explanation for the incredible sites, whether embarking on one of several walking or bus tours, or chatting with a long time resident in a store. Sitkans are rightfully proud and simply eager to share the folklore.

Sitka has over 200 hotel rooms, charming bed and breakfasts and lodgings, as well as several campgrounds and RV facilities. A variety of dining styles and meals are available for your eating pleasure, including authentic Alaskan fare and Northwest cuisine. The community is well equipped to accommodate vacation travelers or business meetings in the charm and adventure of the last frontier.

Sitka’s enticing shops and galleries carry unique items to fit a variety of budgets: traditional Tlingit designs in silver, totem poles, carvings, and wooden baskets; Russian lacquer boxes, nesting dolls, icons and paintings; and contemporary Alaskan artwork, sculpture, wearable art, and gold nuggets. The quality and diversity of items found in Sitka is unsurpassed in any other community throughout the Inside Passage.

Visitors will always find the bounty they are looking for, which is inseparable from the people. It is Sitka’s citizens who will make you feel at home, who will appease your curiosity, and give you cause to remember your journey to a real treasure island.