Living Legends

Nowhere is the hospitality of Alaska more evident than in the Inside Passage. It lives in the heritage of our Native peoples. Maybe it’s the closeness of the kinship we share. Or centuries of welcoming visitors to this special place.

Come discover the skill and grace of ancient artisans. The rare beauty of totem poles crafted by Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian carvers. The excitement of Tlingit dancers recreating legends of old. The pride displayed in intricately woven Chilkat blankets.

From parks to museum to downtown decor, you will see and learn much about the rich cultural history of Alaska’s Native peoples.

Come experience a special kind of warmth. The kind you’ll find when a proud people carry on tradition.

Golden Memories

You’ll catch a serious case of gold fever when you walk past the historic shop fronts of our Gold Rush towns, or see those flecks of “color” on your own gold pan.

The first Alaskan gold strikes occurred along the Inside Passage, and its communities retain that golden atmosphere of adventures and enterprise.

Russian Dancers The legacy of the czars continues with onion-domed Russian Orthodox churches and gleaming samovars. Traditional Russian dancers convey the spirit of earlier times.

Scandinavian influences are apparent in our coastal fishing towns. Decorative rosemaling, clothing styles and close knit family ties are evidence of European traditions.

You’ll find our towns rich in history of all kinds. We cherish our heritage, and our small towns that are big in charm. Come stay with us awhile, and soak up the atmosphere. It’s every bit as precious as gold.